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End of Season Blues

by Zan Romanoff

August 22, 2013 | 10:29 am

We're officially approaching the dog days. Shows are wrapping up their summer seasons-- Teen Wolf is down for the count, and Twisted and Graceland have two episode left each-- and while there's always reality to fill in the gaps (I mean, both reality television and the real world beyond the screen) pickings are going to be slim around here until the fall shows starts airing in September. Luckily Hulu has a pretty comprehensive slate of previews up so we can figure out what to get excited about in the mean time.

I'm beyond thrilled that Joss Whedon is returning to television, his true medium, with The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (strike the awful parts of Dollhouse from your memory please; those really weren't his fault), a show about the folks behind Captain America, Thor et al. and if you don't think I'm excited about Dracula and Sleepy Hollow and Almost Human I don't know what TV blog you've been reading. I'll probably give The Originals an episode or two-- it's a spinoff of The Vampire Diaries, and surprisingly smart take on the Twilight model that's lately been too bogged down by complicated plot and a massive cast to be very much fun.

There's also Andy Samberg in Brooklyn Nine Nine, a half-hour comedy take on the familiar police procedural that looks goofily entertaining. (The trailer includes the deeply cringe-y line, in re: Samberg's character, that he's the precinct's best detecive-- "the only puzzle he hasn't learned to solve is how to grow up"-- but pilots are always, always terrible, so I'm going to cut them just the tiniest bit of slack on that front.) I'll definintely be skipping Dads, which critics have already taken to task for its racist, sexist pilot; the show is Seth McFarlane's baby, and after his outrageously misogynist showing at the Oscar's this year I'm not inclined to give him the benefit of any kind of doubt.

Finally there's Rebel Wilson in Super Fun Night, which I want to like-- a comedy staring three women! One of them is Asian! One of them is fat! This is diversity in action! And yet the preview is as unbearably, obviously awkward as can be. Rebel's historically been good at finding a way to play broad comedic stereotypes so maybe she'll make it work; plus she and Conan O'Brien co-created the show, which means there's got to be more to it than jokes about blinking underwear. Here's hoping, anyway. I need something to look forward to. 

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