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Turning a Shopping Addiction into Income

by Annie Korzen

October 19, 2011 | 2:58 pm

My name is Annie and I’m a shopaholic.  Years ago, I was at a dinner party in New York and I was talking to Garrison Keillor’s then-wife, who was Danish.  She told me how insulted she was that her new American friends invited her to go shopping.  “Shopping? Why? Is there something wrong with the way I dress?”  Poor dear. This no-nonsense, sensible Scandinavian didn’t understand that, for some of us, shopping is a form of recreation – even of meditation.  I wander through the racks, I feel the fabrics, I study the price tags, I reach Nirvana.

I guess shopping fills some emptiness in me that I’m not even aware of.  I’m happiest when I come home with bags full of cashmere sweaters, vintage jewelry, antique linens - whatever.  My dresser is crammed, my closets are stuffed, and my rooms are filled to the brim with artsy collectibles and rare first editions.  Being surrounded by Stuff gives me a feeling of security. 

Since I live on a very limited budget, I buy all these treasures on the cheap at thrift stores and yard sales.  One day, I realized that I could sell my finds at a profit.  I started on eBay, then expanded to dealers and consignment shops.  My hobby has grown into a part-time business and I have sold vintage fashion to TV studios, corporate labels, and upscale vintage stores. 

A few times a year I have my own yard sale to thin out the huge inventory.  By now, I have a sizeable mailing list and attract crowds of serious fashionistas.  I’ll be holding a sale this weekend at 8110 Blackburn Avenue, near The Grove.  10 to 5 each day.  Come on down and see how I turned my shopping addiction into a source of extra income. 

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