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by Annie Korzen

July 18, 2011 | 7:54 pm

There are all kinds of thrifty living sites out there. 

www.moneysavingmom.com is one of many mommyblogs that list supermarket and drugstore coupons and retail discounts.  I buy very little processed food, so a lot of this packaged, chemicalized stuff is of no interest to me.  I might want the free toothpaste, but I’m afraid that it would put me on some ghoulish marketing list leading to spam hell.  I might, however, consider the 2 for 1 Subway deal, since Subway is my fast food of choice. 


So many coupon sites are restricted to small stuff like mac ‘n cheese, diapers, and pet food.  BORING!  www.Dealcatcher.com is a great antidote to all that.  They point you to online coupons, products, sales, reviews, and rebates on a variety of items including electronics, home appliances, computers, clothing, housewares, and even groceries for the mac ‘n cheese crowd.  The site is updated throughout the day. 

Here are some past offerings:

A 2-2/3-cubic-foot Haier compact refrigerator/freezer combo for $93.54 at Amazon after $129 savings.  Free Shipping.

Dell Inspiron 13 13.3-inch Laptop with Pentium Dual Core, 3GB Memory, 250GB HD, Slot DVD Burner + $15 Dell GiftCard costs $399.  Original price was $619

Oakley Vault Felon Sunglasses $50.  Reduced from $150. 

Me Like! 

There’s a cool frugalista site called www.RubbingNickels.com.  I like them because they gave my book a great review.  I also like them because they list a variety of useful cheapo deals on travel, entertainment, eco-living and all that good stuff.

I also like their motto: “Cutting back while moving forward.”

One site they wrote about is called www.DinnerGarden.org  This is an organization that provides people and community groups with free vegetable seeds and growing tips for cheap gardening in whatever space they have available: patios, backyards, schoolyards, community lots, and church lawns.  “They envision a nation where front lawns, empty lots, medians, parks, schools, churches, and community centers devote space to fruit and vegetable gardens.”  Sounds good to me. 


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