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Bargain Fashionista Part Six: The church, school, or charity rummage sale

by Annie Korzen

May 3, 2011 | 11:10 am

It’s large, it’s varied, and prices are rock-bottom. Plus, the money will hopefully be used for a good cause. I say “hopefully” because not every cause is equally dear to my heart. When I questioned the high price of some scuffed-up Uggs, one lady said “But it’s for charity!” The charity in question was something like The Toy Poodle Society. Not at the top of my must-give-to list.
Like estate sales, rummage sales have special deals on the second day, when they just want to get rid of everything. I walked into a church event a while back, and they said “Fill a bag for a dollar.” I filled three bags with Bjørn clogs, red lizard Western boots, an Eileen Fisher sweater, and the brand-new top that I’m wearing on my book cover.  Just so you don’t think I’m too greedy, I give away much of this loot to friends and family. And when I realize that I still bought too much, I donate it to my local thrift store, or just leave it atop public trash containers for the homeless. Greedy: yes. Wasteful: no.

I also earn extra income by selling a lot of my treasures, but more about that in a future blog. 

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