Jewish Journal


by Ilana Angel

August 3, 2009 | 9:17 pm

So I have this killer little black dress.  It’s beautiful.  Just the right amount of boobage and leg and just tight enough on my tuchas to look good but still allow me to walk and breathe.  Every single time I wear it I look in the mirror and I say to myself, “You look soooo cute.”  It’s my go to dress when I can’t think of anything to wear.  Work, wedding, bridal shower, party, you name it, this dress is divine.  Dress it up or dress it down, it is perfect.

If I love this dress so much, wear if so often and take such good care of it, why oh why and more importantly HOW is it possible that I can put on this magical dress for a date and think to myself, “Really?  This is THE dress?  This dress sucks.”  This realization is promptly followed by 30 minutes of my tearing apart my closet for something to wear.  Why?  I ask you….. WWWWHHHHYYYY?

It’s just a date.  We’re not getting married, we’re just having dinner.  Why is the selection of an outfit for a date such a big deal?  If I never see him again then who cares what I wore?  If we get married and live happily ever after I’ll be lucky if he remembers our anniversary so what are the chances he is ever going to remember what I wore? 

So now I’m home, my perfect LBD is staring at me from the hanger with clearly hurt feelings.  My room is trashed with all my clothes scattered everywhere.  I’m frustrated and somewhat sad.  Why am I sad you ask?  Because when all is said and done and I’m ready to get dressed, I will end up wearing my perfect little black dress anyway and this entire episode will have been for nothing.

Note to self:  1) Remember to buy a back up little black dress that can work magic incase I can’t quite get there with the original and 2)  Take a deep breathe, clean your room, and keep the faith.

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