Jewish Journal

More Random Stuff

by Ilana Angel

September 6, 2009 | 11:37 am

1. Mike Fleiss has still not called me.  Enough already.  I’m going to break up with you Mike.  By break up with you I mean I’m not going to watch your shows anymore.  By not watch your shows anymore I mean I am only going to watch them on TIVO and never speak about them again.  By only watch them on TIVO and never speak of them again I mean I can’t wait for The Bachelor (coming to ABC in January) to start and I will watch it every Monday night and blog about it every Tuesday morning.  We are so breaking up if you don’t call me.  I’m serious. 

2. I just don’t get Mike Fleiss.  Why is it that on More to Love (Fox, Tuesday nights at 9 pm) when they talk about Luke and Tali they always talk about them being “culturally different” and never mention the religion?  Yes she is from Israel but more importantly SHE IS A JEW AND HE IS NOT.  It is OK.  You can say it out loud because we already figured it out.  No surprises.  It’s about more than a cultural difference.  Just one time let’s hear her proudly say that she is Jewish and her kids will be raised as Jews.  I want Luke to pick her because I think she is the best match.  Mandy is crazy and Melissa is a nightmare waiting to come to life.  I’m hooked and can’t wait to see how it ends. 

3. My son starts 8th grade on Wednesday of this coming week.  I cannot believe the summer went by so fast.  He’s in his last year of middle school and then it will be high school and girls and driving and drugs and not wanting to hang out with dear old mom.  I hope the year drags along so I have enough time to mentally prepare myself for all the changes and challenges that are coming.  And yes, I’m in denial because they’ve already started but I’m just not ready to acknowledge them.  By refusing to think about it I can somehow convince myself that he is still just my little boy.  Perhaps if I dedicate one day a week of my blog to “venting about my teenage son” it will ease the pain.  Note to self, good idea!

4. Mr. X called.  Great conversation full of laughs but still no second date.  Maybe the laughing is what’s odd because the funniness has a friendship vibe.  That said I think laughter is important and really sexy and needed in a romantic relationship.  I just don’t get the nuances of the dating song and dance.  There should be no rules or second guessing what the other person is thinking or feeling.  You meet, you dig him, it’s mutual, you go out again and life happens.  Why can’t it be that simple?

5. I did not win the lottery this weekend.  I think it’s rigged.

6. It is 7:30 in the morning in Los Angeles and already getting hot in the valley.  If I write any longer it will be too hot to go for a morning walk.  I could write for another few minutes and would be off the hook to work out this morning.  What do I do?  What.  Do.  I.  Do?  Time is being wasted.  Day is getting hotter.  OK, I’m off to spend an hour with Michael Buble!  If I keep the faith I will shrink my tuchas!

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