Jewish Journal

Lucky girls

by Ilana Angel

August 18, 2009 | 11:22 am

My son has been on holiday with his dad for the past 11 days.  He will be home on Saturday and even just writing that here makes me want to scream I’m so excited.  I miss him so much that it actually hurts.  Last night the silence in my home was so deafening that I ended up sleeping in his room just so I could somehow feel closer to him.  He calls and checks in to see if I’m okay and when he called yesterday he asked if I had any good dates while he was gone and if there was anyone he needed to check out for me.  This kid is seriously adorable.

My son and I talk about everything.  I mean everything.  He has been raised to respect me and trust me and knows that I will keep his secrets safe and he will always be my top priority.  We have a perfect friendship but he is very clear that I am his mother first and his friend second.  He is compassionate and kind to both his friends and strangers and will always extend a hand to those less fortunate than himself.  He looks out for me.  It is very sweet how he “protects” me.  He has been the man in my life for his entire life and the thought of bringing another man into our inner circle is exciting and terrifying for us both.

My son has a fabulous group of friends.  They are all charming and funny and while he has been away they have checked in on me to make sure I’m ok and managing with him gone.  They write me on Facebook with funny messages and comment on what I write myself.  They are all handsome, smart, talented and delicious boys.  I don’t remember boys being this great when I was 13 years old.  If only I was twenty years younger, and they were 20years older, I’d have a crush on these boys.  I say this of course in the totally cute Jewish mother kvelling over her son and his friends point of view, not any creepy, weird mom kind of way!

Just as I did when I was 13, right this minute there are young women who are dreaming about meeting wonderful men when they grow up.  They want them to be kind and funny and smart.  They want them to be supportive and gentle.  They can imagine getting married and having children and raising them in Jewish homes.  The girls that are lucky enough to meet my son and his friends are going to be blessed to be loved by them and will have hit the jackpot. 

If 50% of people find happiness in a marriage then I will happily never get married again to ensure that my son is the 50% of our family who will succeed.  He is becoming a glorious man and there is a very lucky little girl out there who is dreaming about her future right now and has no idea that the fantasy man she is developing in her head is being raised right now in my home.  All I need to do is stay on track with the goals for my son and all she needs to do is keep the faith.

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