Jewish Journal

An open love letter

by Ilana Angel

August 19, 2009 | 12:51 pm

I have decided to use my blog today to profess my love for a complete stranger.  While we have never met, I love this man.  In my fantasy he will read my blog, realize I am fabulous, not a crazy stalker and invite me for lunch to hang out and talk shop.  He is the ultimate yenta and a genius.  The things he creates are fascinating to me.  So please indulge me as I selfishly use this forum to publicly announce:  I LOVE YOU MR. MIKE FLEISS.

I am not ashamed to admit that I simply love reality television.  I watch a lot of it.  I TIVO most of it, flip through a lot of them but actually watch most.  My beloved Mr. Fleiss is the mastermind behind The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, More to Love and High School Reunion.  I am hooked on these shows and not only watch them, but find myself becoming invested, having an opinion and caring about the people who are featured.  If admission is the first step to recovery then my name is Ilana Angel and I am addicted to reality television.

Last night I watched More to Love.  (Tuesdays at 9:00 pm on FOX)  I love this show.  It’s about a big guy, Luke, who is looking for love with big girls.  Luke is interesting.  By interesting I mean he is a bit of a pig.  He’s got a lecherous vibe which is weird because he’s just a regular guy and it’s unexpected.  He is charming and adorable but working these ladies and it’s incredible.  He makes out with them in front of each other which takes balls in my opinion.  The girls are all heavy and have issues with self image and their honesty in putting it all out there is both inspiring and heartbreaking.  I feel for them because they are all just looking for love and their struggles are just like the women of The Bachelor, they just happen to be heavy.  Some of them are lovely and normal and some of them are train wrecks and I watch each week waiting for the crash.  Last night Lauren went home and I actually cheered.  This chick was a freak.

I also love the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise which airs on ABC.  It is seriously good television people.  I felt bad for Jason last year.  I also felt bad for Molly because for her the show actually worked the way it’s supposed to but she got caught up in his mistake and in the end lost her fairy tale princess celebration.  While she found love, she must be a bit bitter and angry that it happened like it did.  As for the Jillian series, I despised Ed from the moment he arrived.  He’s a pig and she should dump him quickly.  I am amazed that after all this time the “stars” of this show have not realized that if they really do want to find love, then whoever they are certain they are going to pick, they should switch to the other one at the last minute. 

Who are you Mike Fleiss?  Are you Jewish?  I’m thinking you are so it begs the question:  why are there are not more Jews featured on your shows and why when they are Jewish, are they not open and out and proud about it?  We need to talk dear Mr. Fleiss.  I can appreciate the success of your shows and that Jews are not necessarily going to bring in the numbers across America, but let’s get some quality Jews on your shows.  By quality I mean regular great people who are proud and open about their Judaism and not stereotypes of what America thinks Jewish people are.  I know lots of great singles so perhaps I could sit in on some casting.  Maybe there should be a yenta episode where I tell the chosen one what my gut says, which is always spot on.  I’m just saying.

So my darling, call me.  Let’s have lunch.  Even the busiest of television giants needs to eat and nothing is better than lunch with a little hero worship thrown in for fun.  You are brilliant and I’m a fan.  I am a concerned Jewish woman in terms of your casting, but first and foremost I am a fan.  I will continue to watch your shows with delight and fascination.  I am waiting for you sweetie.  I shall hold my breath in anticipation and know the call will come as long as I keep the faith.

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