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All about me

by Ilana Angel

August 7, 2009 | 3:25 pm

I’ve been told that my blog is funny and insightful and that I am charming and adorable, not to mention sexy as hell.  Many of you have let me know that it’s impossible for you to understand why I have not met my Beshert.  Trust me, I wonder the same thing on a daily basis.  (Mostly when I’m feeding my son’s cat and have an anxiety attack that she will become the first of 18.)  I have also been told that while people are getting a handle on my opinions and sense of humor they don’t really know who I am.  In the interest of giving the people what they want, I’ve decided to do something unheard of.  It is so special and rare that it is actually considered to be an urban myth by many.  I am going to tell you about myself and I am not going to lie.  I am going to attach a photo that is less than a month old and I am not going to write what I think will “sell” me, but rather tell the truth.  Buckle up kids……here we go.

I was born in Israel and am the 2nd of 4 children.  I moved to England when I was 2 and immigrated to Canada when I was 3.  My mother is Israeli and my father, of blessed memory, was English.  I speak Hebrew but cannot read or write it at all.  My father was a salesman and so we moved around Canada quite a bit having lived in Regina (Fargo), Vancouver (Seattle), Toronto (Chicago) and Halifax (Bangor). 

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my kid.  He is 13 ½ and a remarkable young man.  I am a great mother and wish I had had the opportunity to have more children.  At 43 with a kid about to start high school I can’t imagine filling out kindergarten and college applications at the same time so no more babies for me.  That said, never say never.  I love children and would welcome a partner that had kids of his own.  My child would be happy to see me in a loving relationship and welcomes a male influence in his life.  That said, he has a dad who he loves and is very close to.  I’m looking for a partner for myself not a dad for my child.

I am a fabulous and curvy size 12.  I have long hair that goes from dark brown to auburn red depending on my mood.  I have hazel eyes and am blind as a bat.  I wear both contacts and glasses but more often than not I’m rocking the glasses. I have a lot of freckles and while I hated them as I kid I have grown to love them and think they are beautiful.  I walk between 4 – 10 miles a day depending on how much time I have and I like to hike Runyon Canyon.  I complain the entire way, as my hiking group will confirm, but I do it and I love it and feel accomplished when it’s over. I can be ready to go anywhere in 10 minutes.  Flat.

I am a fabulous cook.  I am also a new vegetarian.  My friend Dave sent me a video about the treatment of farm animals in the United States about 7 months ago and that was it.  I have on occasion over the past few months eaten fish but I’m working on that.  I have not quite decided if I can let sushi go.  My son, a total and complete sushi nut, tells me I can eat sushi because while it is in fact an animal, it is prepared as art and a very respectful way to treat an animal.  Love this kid.

I am a great driver and could operate a NYC cab.  I would rather be a passenger than a driver though.  I love being on the back of Harley.  I love to travel and hate to fly.  I love anything to do with the water.  I love that I’m light as a feather in the water. I would rather stay in than go out.  I love being in bed.  Reading, writing, sleeping and talking is all better in bed.  I love the ocean and the mountains and the snow.  I think hockey is a brilliant sport and if there is no blood it’s just figure skating.  I love my family.  I love family period.  I would like to meet someone who is close to his family.  I like having people over for dinner.  At big gatherings or parties I always have the most fun sitting next to either the youngest or oldest person there.  I am a practicing Jew and have a strong connection to God. 

I love to clean and can iron a pair of slacks and dress shirt perfectly.  I am very organized.  I believe that people are inherently good.  I give money to the homeless and look them in the eye when I do and wish them well.  I value myself, my family and my friends.  I truly want to find love.  I am at my best in a relationship.  I want my partner to be funny and sarcastic and make me feel safe and protected.  I am a tough gal who has struggled and overcome much but is still vulnerable and sensitive.  I look beautiful when I cry.  I have been able to maintain hope and am not ruled by my broken heart but rather appreciate the cracks as they allow the light to get in.  I have many friends in my life who are sober and recovering from different forms of addiction.  While it is not my struggle, I respect their journey and love them very much.  They have changed my world view and I am a better person for having them in my life.  I believe in the power of prayer and that happiness is found when you hold on.

I’m here and I’m ready and I’m hopeful and I’m scared.  I’m excited and I’m anxious and I’m nervous and I’m giddy.  I can be difficult and needy but I am mostly easy going and giving.  I am just a girl with lots to give and the wisdom to appreciate what I am given in return.  I recently had a falling out with a very dear friend and it will mold and shape all my future relationships.  While we are not connected at the moment and I don’t believe we will ever find our way back, I hope to be able to sit with him again one day and laugh and feel peace and hold his hand and kiss his head.  With all of this said, the most important thing to know about me is that I will always keep the faith.

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