Jewish Journal

A Legacy of Hate

by Ilana Angel

July 30, 2009 | 6:15 pm

On July 27th I blogged an entry called “Don’t break your Mamma’s heart” about a topic that is important to me, my son marrying a Jew.  Granted he’s only 13 and though I can let this one go for a while, I do think about it. 

I am so surprised by some of the reactions that I decided to revisit the issue.  There are some comments up on the site, some have been removed because I thought they were offensive and I’m sure many that have not been shared.  This is America and we are all free to share our opinions and thoughts about any topic we want.  Let’s just take a deep breath though and get some perspective.  It’s a blog.  I am not saving lives or changing the world.  I’m just writing about things that interest me, can maybe make people think or relate or just laugh.

“Legacy” wrote this morning to tell me I’m a bigot and an a**hole.  He mentioned that his “Goy” Grandfather liberated Poland and so therefore my blog implied that I hated everyone who was not a Jew and was ungrateful for his service.  Interesting.  Listen to me “Legacy”:  I am very grateful to your Grandfather for his service.  I worked for years in Holocaust education and am keenly aware of both what happened to the Jews and the bravery of the men and women of the armed services who liberated them.  I am sure that your Grandfather, having seen the devastation to the Jewish people first hand, would understand my feelings on this topic and my desire to keep my faith alive within my family.  I’m sure he’s also very proud of his grandchild for not only calling a complete stranger an a**hole in a public forum, but also for hiding behind an alias.

To make myself clear, I will love who my son chooses to love.  Unconditionally.  He is my child and his happiness is the most important thing to me.  That said, I am a Jew and I work very hard to pass down the traditions and history of my faith to my son.  He will tell you he is a proud Jew, loves his faith, and embraces our history which means I’ve done my job correctly. 

I don’t hate people who are not Jewish.  I don’t call people I don’t know a**holes. (Although I have said worse to random people on the 405 who don’t know how to drive but they never hear me.)  I am a caring and devoted mother who wants the best for her child and you calling me an a**hole makes me even prouder of my boy as I know he would never be so rude or disrespectful.

I’m going to keep on blogging.  I’m going to keep on pushing for my kid to marry a Jew.  I’m going pray for crazy people.  I’m going to find love and he is going to be a Jew.  To my new friend Legacy, you need to just relax because at the end of the day, it’s all about keeping the faith.

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