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May 6, 2004

Your Letters


Bush Cover Story

The front cover caricature, showing President Bush with Jewish facial features holding the State of Israel, shows its creator Steve Greenberg's hatred of president Bush and his ill feelings toward the State of Israel ("Is Bush Good For Israel?" April 30). This is the kind of caricature I would expect to see in an Arab publication. Shame on you for going to press with this insulting message -- both toward President Bush and The State of Israel -- on your front cover.

Eliahu Silon, Beverly Hills

Janine Zacharia's cover story, "Is Bush Good for Israel?" was mistitled: It should have read, "Why Leftists Don't Like Bush's Pro-Israel Policies" (April 30). After a perfunctory recital of some of President Bush's most recent, highly pro-Israel moves, Zacharia goes on to recite chapter and verse the failed ideas of Martin Indyk and other dreamers. All the article did is convince me that much more that a vote for Bush is a vote for Israel's security!

Jarrow L. Rogovin, Los Angeles

Shame on The Jewish Journal for its offensive cover this week portraying President Bush as Rhett Butler and Israel as Scarlett O'Hara. Janine Zacharia and her liberal cronies (apparently including the editorial staff of The Journal) can't stand the fact that a conservative like President Bush is truly for Israel -- not merely for Ariel Sharon. All it needed was for President Bush to be shown embracing Ariel Sharon dressed as Scarlett O'Hara to be more shocking.

The Jewish Journal should realize the Jewish vote is not monolithic. Come November 2, observant Jews will vote for President Bush, Israel's true friend.

B. Keating, Sherman Oaks

It's disturbing to see such pro-Bush articles in The Jewish Journal, particularly since there seems to be no counterpunch offering more than a token nod to those of us who think Bush is bad for America, bad for the world -- and ultimately, yes, bad for Israel and the Jews as well ("Is Bush Good for Israel?" and "More Jews May Hop on the Bush Bandwagon," April 30).

How can you not cover this other side as religiously as you're giving ink to all those Jews who are happily abandoning the Democratic Party to put Bush-Cheney in power for another four years? The newly "Republicanized" Jews may make a better story, but they certainly won't contribute to a better America.

Ruth Stroud, Manhattan Beach

First, I have to say that your cover illustration was disgusting, about as appealing as killing a pig and eating it raw. Secondly, anyone who is Jewish and votes for Bush because of his stance on Israel is a fool at best. I am Jewish, I am proud to be a Jew, but I don't always support Israel. Does that make me an anti-Jew? No, that makes me a Jew who questions.

I urge Jews to vote against Bush. Please no more covers of Bush pre-coital with a Jewish woman, it really is repulsive.

Jesse Daniels-Hanifan, Los Angeles

A number of American Jews believe Bush to be Israel's best friend even though in almost four years there is still no real prospect for peace. They say they like Bush's "strong leadership" which, in fact, is a blunt force hurdling down the wrong road, not looking left or right, or heeding caution, stop signs or red lights, without seatbelt, airbag or brakes.

Some of these Americans will vote for Bush (and may help elect him) despite mistakes Bush has made here and abroad that are monumentally tragic. They give no consideration that John Kerry will lead without the Bush baggage that trails him here, throughout the world and in the United Nations.

I suggest these people reflect on their priorities: U.S. first or Israel first.

Bert Eifer, Woodland Hills

Marc Ballon lives in Fantasyland if he believes there is a Jewish groundswell of support for George W. Bush ("More Jews May Hop on Bush Bandwagon," April 30). To the contrary, I find the Jewish community to be generally appalled by Bush's disastrous quagmire in Iraq and his disingenuous and self-serving approach to civil rights, taxation, the federal deficit, corporate crime, education and environmental protection.

Dan Freedland, Rolling Hills Estates

Vietnam Déja Vu

Congratulations on your running of Gordon Livingston's article about Vietnam and Iraq ("Iraq Situation: It's Vietnam Déja Vu," April 30). The article is absolutely on target in its comparison of the propaganda promotions of the Vietnam war and the present disaster in Iraq, and a devastating analysis of the Bush program in the present war. Thank you for the courage to publish the truth.

Leo A. Goldberg, Los Angeles


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