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Posted on Mar. 12, 1998 at 7:00 pm


Missing Baby

Steve and MarleneAisenberg, a Jewish couple from Valrico, Fla., haven't held theirbaby, Sabrina, since Nov. 24, 1997. Sabrina was 5 months old when shewas taken from her residence during the middle of the night.

According to the Aisenbergs, she was last seen inher crib at midnight when her mother checked on the baby before goingto bed. The Aisenbergs' attorney says that both parents passed aprivate polygraph exam administered by the same examiner creditedwith determining Richard Jewell's innocence in the Atlanta CentennialOlympic Park bombing.

You can read about Sabrina's story athttp://www.marvelcreations.com/sabrina.html.

If you have information concerning this abduction,please contact the Hillsborough County Sheriff, toll free, at (888)461-8477 or your local police. -- Staff Report


Henny Youngman


"My father was never home; he was always awaydrinking. He saw a sign saying, 'Drink Canada Dry.' So he went upthere."

More Sex, Please,

We're Jewish

A recent issue of American Demo-graphics reportedeverything you always wanted to know about American sexualstatistics, including, surprisingly enough, the Jewish angle.

According to the University of Chicago's GeneralSocial Survey (GSS) database on sexual activity, the average adultreports having sex about once a week. But one in five Americans hasbeen celibate for at least a year, and one in 20 engages in sex atleast every other day. The survey, which has grown to nearly 10,000respondents, is "a very rich and reliable source on the demographicsand trends surrounding American sexual activity."

As for Jews: "Catholics are slightly more sexuallyactive than Protestants," reports the survey. "But both Christiangroups are about 20 percent less active than are Jews oragnostics."

That's the good news -- if you're into that sortof thing. The bad news, especially for rabbis and synagogue boards,is that sexual frequency is determined, or limited, by religiousobservance. "The more important religious predictor of sexualactivity is less belief-driven and more determined by activity," saidthe report's interpreters. "Those who attend religious services atleast once a week are less sexually active."

Among other groups, along with Jews, whose sexualfrequency tops the national average: people who listen to jazz music(30 percent more sex), extreme liberals, people who graduate collegebut did not attend graduate school, and people who watch TV. Thelesson: Go home, rip up that MBA, turn on an A&E documentary onMiles Davis, send a check to Jesse Jackson, and have a nice night. --Robert Eshman, Managing Editor



When Rabbi Hershy Ten says that it's a matter oflife and death, he means it. He's talking about donating blood,specifically at next week's blood drive sponsored by the JewishHealthcare Foundation-Avraham Moshe Bikur Cholim.

"The Jewish people as individuals and as acommunity have a responsibility to the welfare of society as awhole," said Ten, president of the Bikur Cholim, which, literally,means visiting the ill. "By donating blood, we accomplish a mitzvahof humanitarian importance."

Ten says that Los Angeles blood banks hadcritically low supplies this winter. Last year's Bikur Cholim blooddrive was a tremendous success, and both Ten and doctors atCedars-Sinai Medical Center, where the drive is being held, areoptimistic about this year.

"Our goal is to make this blood drive and theimportance of donating blood part and parcel of community Jewishlife," says Dr. Lawrence Platt, chairman of the department of OB-GYNat Cedars and an organizer of the drive.

Ten adds that the blood drive can help the Jewishcommunity focus on a common goal -- saving lives.

"Health care has nothing to do with one'spolitical affiliation or level of commitment in Judaism," Ten says."We as an organization try very hard to educate people that, at theend of the day, we all have needs and we all have problems and wehave to work together to address them."

Sunday, March 22, 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.,Cedars-Sinai Medical Center's Rita and Taft Schreiber Blood DonorFacility. Appointments are necessary. (213) 852-0728. -- JulieGruenbaum Fax

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