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by Kimber Anapoell Sax

Posted on Jun. 6, 2002 at 8:00 pm

Orange County. At least 60,000 Jewish residents creating over 20,000 Jewish households spanning 800 square miles. Within the borders of this vast area, we can find about 25 synagogues, great Jewish day schools, numerous Jewish organizations ... and you.

In May, The Jewish Journal of Orange County launched its premier issue. As the "numbers" person for The Jewish Journal, I know that the statistics listed above mean a target market for advertisers. But far more importantly, I believe they prove that O.C. Jewry deserves an independent Jewish news source that facilitates your connection to Jewish life.

Being Jewish means so many different things to different people. But, in today's world, most of us will agree that time is precious. There are only 24 hours in a day for work, school, commuting, synagogue meetings and events, theater tickets, doctor appointments, ballgames, PTA, working out, Mommy-and-Me classes, attending luncheons, fundraisers, sleep. We are active, involved, charitable and just barely keeping up with our demanding lives. We are a busy community and a diverse group, but we are neither too busy nor too diverse to stay connected and informed.

The Jewish Journal of Orange County will enable you, with your hectic schedule, to sustain your connection to the O.C. Jewish community and the broader Jewish world. We will be there for you when you have a free moment -- to share award-winning news, analysis and opinions; to sit with your children and read our Kids Page; to connect with your heritage and your community. We will be there for you, as we have been there for the L.A. Jewish community for over 16 years. All we ask of you is to subscribe.

In order to serve the O.C. Jewish community, The Jewish Journal of Orange County needs subscribers. Due to post office regulations for periodicals, we will be unable to continue without your paid subscription. The staff of The Journal is committed to reaching and serving you, but we need you to do your part. I urge you to subscribe.

Please purchase a year (12 issues) subscription for $18. Go to www.jewishjournal.com today and subscribe. The process is as quick as the speed of your Internet access. Unlock the door to the community and let The Journal work to meet your needs. Read it. Share it. Talk about it. Buy it for your friends, your kids and your parents. When The Jewish Journal of Orange County is delivered directly to your home, you can stay connected at your leisure and in the privacy of your own home.

It says in the Talmud that knowledge is power. This knowledge is not intended for personal gain but rather to share with others bringing us closer to the source of knowledge. Let's get closer, stay connected and watch the O.C. community thrive. For only $18, you can receive a year's worth of The Jewish Journal of Orange County. We cannot, and will not, continue this effort without you, our reader. You decide. Subscribe to The Journal and stay connected to the Jewish community, from Orange County to Israel.

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