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Los Angeles man says his father was alleged Demjanjuk victim

by Tom Teicholz

Posted on Dec. 21, 2009 at 3:28 pm

Saul Liskin, who was 6 when his father was killed in a DP camp in Germany — had a shock of recognition when he heard that Demjanjuk was being investigated for possibly running over a man with a truck in a DP camp in German — he realized it was his father.

The full article is printed here in the Jerusalem Post’s jpost.com:


At first the Jpost was reporting that charges had surfaced that Demjanjuk may have run over a Jewish man while working as a truck driver for the Americans in Germany in 1947. Liskin realized that “that Jew was my father.”

An uncle wrote a memoir which described Moishe Lisgorski’s death at age 34, at the hands of a Ukrainian truck driver. Liskin recalled his mother’s description:

“My father and a group of other Jews working for the same company were sitting on a bench eating their lunch. An individual working for the same organization started threatening them with his truck. He was playing chicken with them. They all left the bench, except for my father….My father sat there defiant. As a result, the crazed lunatic ran into him and killed him.”

According to Liskin, the driver claimed the death was an accident and was released. Liskin’s mother died 11 years ago. He is convinced the killer in question is Demjanjuk. Authorities in Germany are investigating.

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