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With Stuxnet delaying Iran’s bomb, is the urgency gone?

URL: http://www.jewishjournal.com/world/article/with_stuxnet_delaying_irans_bomb_is_the_urgency_gone_20110118

In the wake of revelations that a computer virus may have set back Iran’s nuclear weapons program, the Western groups and analysts that track the Islamic Republic are saying “More of the same, please.” The benefits of a nonviolent program that inhibits Iranian hegemony by keeping the country's nuclear weapons program at bay are obvious: Better to stop Iran with cyber warfare -- in this case, the Stuxnet computer virus, which reportedly caused Iran’s nuclear centrifuges to spin out of control -- than actual warfare. For those who favor engagement, the cyber attack buys more time to coax the regime in Tehran into compliance. For those who favor the stick, it allows more time to exert pressure on Iran through sanctions and diplomatic isolation.

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