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Wiesenthal Center: Will, not age, major obstacle in Nazi prosecutions

URL: http://www.jewishjournal.com/world/article/wiesenthal_center_will_not_age_major_obstacle_in_nazi_prosecutions_20110505

A lack of political will is more to blame than aging in the failure to prosecute Nazi-era war criminals, the Simon Wiesenthal Center said in an annual report. "The lack of political will to bring Nazis war criminals to justice and/or to punish them continues to be the major obstacle to achieving justice, particularly in post-Communist Eastern Europe," said the center's report on on the Investigation and Prosecution of Nazi War Criminals released May 1. "The campaign led by the Baltic countries to distort the history of the Holocaust and obtain official recognition that the crimes of Communism are equal to those of the Nazis is another major obstacle to the prosecution of those responsible for the crimes of the Shoah."

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