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Where It’s Hip to Be Yiddish

URL: http://www.jewishjournal.com/arts/article/where_its_hip_to_be_yiddish_20031212

Hip-Hop music might be cool, funky and ghetto, but DJ Socalled thinks that an infusion of an Yiddish could make it even better. "Hip-hop is all based on breaks, and the Yiddish theater records have amazing breaks in them, and they are original breaks," said Montreal-based Socalled, who is known as Josh Dolgen when he isn't working the sound sampler. "You never hear anyone do them -- everyone has sampled James Brown breaks, but nobody has sampled these records." Socalled is going to be bringing his Yiddish-hip-hop-funk-jazz-dance music collage to Los Angeles on Dec. 18, where he will sample the night away at an early Khanike (Yiddish for Chanukah) concert for a new group called Avada.

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