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When Jesus is his Co-Pilot

URL: http://www.jewishjournal.com/singles/article/when_jesus_is_his_copilot_20000623

First date. He agrees to see a movie about ballet instead of "Gladiator." You're heartened by this early sacrifice. After the movie, he drags you along to a friend's birthday dinner at some Italian sounding restaurant on Sunset. On the way he gets aggravated about the traffic. This, you count against him.You try to be charming around his friends, as you realize you're on display and want to be seen as someone with good social skills. He reaches way across the table for bread. This, you remember your aunt used to call "boarding house reach." You also count this against him. He sees to it immediately that you get a shot of ouzo, a Greek liquor he says will be good for your cold. It is. This erases the traffic temper and the reaching, which persists.

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