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Take Back the Religion

URL: http://www.jewishjournal.com/arts/article/take_back_the_religion_20030411

This just in, from new media and culture expert Douglas Rushkoff in his eminently readable ninth book, "Nothing Sacred: The Truth About Judaism" (Crown Publishers, 2003), in which he faults nearly every sector in modern Judaism. From the Orthodox (too stultified and closed) to the Reform ("Jew light") to the ba'al teshuva movement (desperate and blind) to outreach organizations (indescernible from the MTV culture it emulates), to the New Age Kabbalists (hardly Jewish), most Jews are primarily obsessed with self-preservation and intermarriage. But they're not the real Jews, Rushkoff suggests, wondering if "we so-called lapsed Jews might be the true keepers of the flame" -- the "we" being the author and the many, many Jews who have strayed because they find the religion abhorrent or simply irrelevant.

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