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Soldier’s story highlights plight facing gay would-be converts in Israel

URL: http://www.jewishjournal.com/israel/article/soldiers_story_highlights_plight_facing_gay_would-be_converts_in_israel_201

The young would-be convert to Judaism with a gold Star of David pendant peeking through a buttoned shirt is still baffled by the summer afternoon he says he was called in and dismissed from an Israeli army conversion course for being gay. The 23-year old Y.B., as he asked to be identified, had not disclosed his sexual orientation to anyone in the course, but one of the rabbi instructors "outed him" to course administrators after presuming he was gay. "I was in shock. I felt the color draining from my face," Y.B. told JTA. "I left eyes full of tears and angry, asking myself, why are they doing this to me? I have a partner of six years who comes from a religiously observant home and we are there every Friday night for Shabbat. The family is accepting and loving. If they come from such a traditional place and accept us with love, why can't others?"

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