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Resorting to Passover at Home

URL: http://www.jewishjournal.com/travel/article/resorting_to_passover_at_home_20050408

My friend Rhonda asked me nonchalantly, "Where are you going for Pesach this year?" Envisioning the whirlwind travels ahead, my head began to spin. "I'll begin at Target for new shelf paper, sponges, paper goods, cleansers and a new broom. Then I'll dock briefly at Ralphs for the special deal on shmura matzah and whatever else they've got for Pesach that's on sale. Next I'll bully my way in to the kosher market for meat, wine and enough matzah meal to plug up the Hoover Dam. Then I'll get over to Stan's Produce for fruits and vegetables. By that time, I'll have thought of dozens of other things I need, and start the whole thing over again. How about you?"

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