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Opinion: When Right Becomes Left — and Right?

URL: http://www.jewishjournal.com/opinion/article/opinion_when_right_becomes_left_and_right_20100727

The idea of a single state between the Jordan and the Mediterranean, in which Jews and Arabs live together, has been a third rail in Jewish political discourse since the creation of the State of Israel. It stands in stark contrast to the vision of two contiguous states, Jewish and Arab, based on the principle of partition and embedded in United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181 of Nov. 29, 1947. It is this latter vision that has anchored Israeli policy for decades, up to and including the present government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. That is why the growing calls for a one-state solution by advocates of the Palestinian cause have raised alarm bells, provoking fears of the delegitimization of Israel as a Jewish state.

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