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My Single Peeps: Shmuly G.

URL: http://www.jewishjournal.com/my_single_peeps/article/my_single_peeps_shmuly_g_20110412

Shmuly is the least typical Chasidic Jew you will ever meet. The guy's an anomaly. He will never cut his beard, and he always wears a yarmulke, no matter where he goes, but he will go anywhere. I mean, you can find him backstage at a Paul Oakenfold concert, or ranking third place in a 5K run to cure cancer. This picture of him is from a jewelry line that loves Shmuly’s look and insisted that he be in their catalog. He was just asked to be in a Pink music video but turned it down because it would have required him to lie undressed in bed with Pink and, although he’s not square, for him it wasn’t that funny a concept.

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