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Keep away from Beck, Jewish group urges N.Y. stations

URL: http://www.jewishjournal.com/glenn_beck/article/keep_away_from_beck_jewish_group_urges_ny_stations_20110106

Jewish Funds for Justice urged New York City-area radio stations not to pick up Glenn Beck's show after it was dropped by one station for low ratings. "WOR’s decision to remove Glenn Beck tells me that even conservative listeners are rejecting Mr. Beck’s fear speech, anti-Semitism and Holocaust revisionism,” Simon Greer, the president of the group, which has led protests against the radio and TV host, said in a statement Wednesday. "We believe that New York City, with its incredible diversity and large Jewish community, is rejecting Beck, and we will encourage other radio stations to learn from WOR's experience and not pick up his syndicated show.”

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