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Just the Facts

Web site planned to combat unflattering media coverage of Israel.

URL: http://www.jewishjournal.com/community_briefs/article/just_the_facts_20031107

Turn on the television. Open the newspaper. Flip on the radio. The message, according to many Jews, is depressingly similar: Israel is bad; the West Bank and Gaza are good. Israel embodies the bully Goliath; Palestinians, the heroic David. Israel behaves like apartheid-era South Africa; Palestinians are the equivalent of modern-day black South Africans, subject to discrimination, humiliation or worse. To combat those unflattering media portrayals, a group of prominent Jews has banded together to create Access|Middle East, a nonprofit that will soon launch a news-rich Web site designed to be a one-stop information source for foreign correspondents and editorial writers.

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