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Jewish Angst

Now that weare bona fide Americans, we are desperately searching for ways to remain Jews.

URL: http://www.jewishjournal.com/rob_eshman/article/jewish_angst_20000908

Recently, a Chinese-American doctor was monitoring my heart as the speed and incline were increased on the treadmill during a stress test. Perhaps he wanted me to relax; perhaps he was bored and was trying to make conversation. Apropos of nothing but my presence on the treadmill, he casually tossed the question at me: "What do you think of Lieberman as the vice presidential candidate? Were you surprised?"I gave a perfunctory answer, yes and no, and then heard myself say, "When I was a boy, his nomination would have been astonishing. Jews were outsiders then. But now we're part of the U.S., just like any other white American."

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