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Jew Night

URL: http://www.jewishjournal.com/up_front/article/jew_night_20020405

Once a year, Highland Park is converted into Chai-land Park for what might be the most gone-amok of all Jewish celebrations: "Jew Night." Michael Perrick created a post-modern Borscht Belt bash that has become a local tradition for Jew and non-Jew alike. "Every year, people ask me, 'So when is 'Jew Night?'" says the 34-year-old Silver Lake artist. "Jew Night" is all about wacked-out Jewish kitsch: the gyrating Jelvis ("The Jewish Elvis"); the Whirling Hors-Dervishes klezmer band; the Sinai Puppets; a Whack-a-Mohel game; bagel flinging; and even a Miss JAP contest where contestants are judged on hair, nails and whining. The biggest draw: "Strip Dreydel." The Fourth Annual shtickfest will be hosted by Perrick's alter-kacker alter ego, Sye Goldstein.

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