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I’m a Survivor!

Fran Drescher says "Nanny-Nanny-Nanny" to cancer and other life-altering obstacles in her path.

URL: http://www.jewishjournal.com/arts/article/im_a_survivor_20020419

On this April day, Drescher converses in a lackadaisical, morning-after drone that is, quite frankly, downright seductive. Yet the topic of conversation -- uterine cancer -- is not sexy. Drescher feels that it is imperative to talk about the deadly disease and why women need to be proactive in discerning it. Her new memoir, "Cancer Schmancer" (Warner Books, $24.95), in stores May 1, chronicles her own experience detecting and surviving uterine cancer. "Cancer Schmancer" also documents a new chapter in her life. When her best-selling autobiography "Enter Whining" was released in late 1995, Drescher was the envy of Hollywood both for her storybook romance to high school sweetheart Peter Marc Jacobson and her serendipitous rise to fame in the 1990s. On a plane ride, the then-unknown actress sold her idea for "The Nanny" after pitching the concept to a CBS executive that happened to be seated next to her.

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