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Goldblog is a pro-J Street blog

URL: http://www.jewishjournal.com/opinion/article/goldblog_is_a_pro-j_street_blog_20110330

Ordinarily, I would not be so vociferous in the defense of J Street, but the hearing last week in the Knesset held to determine whether or not J Street is a pro-Israel organization (“No” was the answer from the revanchists who organized the inquiry) made me almost physically ill. I come out of Hashomer Hatzair, the socialist Zionist youth movement, which is significantly to the left of J Street, and though I don’t subscribe to Hashomer’s worldview anymore, I believe that that view is part of the pro-Israel consensus. What the Knesset members who organized this petty little hearing are trying to do is excommunicate from Zionism anyone who believes that it is not in the Jewish people’s best interest to rule, against their will, the Palestinians of the West Bank.

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