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Geneva Initiative Is Merely a Dream

URL: http://www.jewishjournal.com/opinion/article/geneva_initiative_is_merely_a_dream_20031212

The Geneva initiative is a dream. It's unrealistic; it's hoopla. I suppose people need diversions in their lives. That it was a private Israeli citizen and members of the opposition party who drafted the initiative is fine in my book. That's not a crime in Israel. There is no Logan Act forbidding ex-officio personalities from engaging in foreign negotiations. Israel actually has a history of similar actions. The plan lays out borders that nearly approximate a return of Israel to pre-1967 borders. But it was the prerogative of those who composed the plan to put in it whatever they saw fit. So that, too, is OK with me. What bothers me is that those who drafted the initiative and those who applaud the initiative don't realize that it is only a dream. They think of it as a reality.

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