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Ehud Barak quits Labor: Political betrayal or precursor to something bigger?

URL: http://www.jewishjournal.com/israel/article/ehud_barak_quits_labor_political_betrayal_or_precursor_to_something_bigger_

Was it an act of political self-preservation, a feat of political destruction or a bid to stabilize Israel’s government ahead of some dramatic move? And for Israel's Labor Party, was it another sign of the once-leading party’s demise, or a precursor to a revival and the ideals for which it stands? What’s certain is that Defense Minister Ehud Barak’s decision this week to quit Labor, which he had headed until Monday, has sent shock waves throughout the Israeli political establishment. Ironically, the split of Labor -- until this week a part of the Israeli government but now in the opposition -- may yet strengthen the coalition of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Barak’s decision to quit Labor and found a new political party along with four other Labor defectors leaves Netanyahu with eight fewer members in his coalition, but the 66 who remain are considered far more stable than the 74 he had pre-defection.

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