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British theater group Stan’s Cafe uses piles of rice to bring statistics to life

How do I measure thee? Let me count the grains

URL: http://www.jewishjournal.com/arts/article/british_theater_group_stans_cafe_uses_piles_of_rice_to_bring_statistics

Upon entering the museum, visitors will receive a grain of rice, representing themselves. Then, they will walk into a room filled with 300 million grains of rice - one for every person in the United States. The rice will be divided into piles, each one illustrating a statistic, such as the number of people who have walked on the moon or the millions of immigrants who passed through Ellis Island. One grain of rice will stand for one person. And there it will be, among all the piles: a large mound with 6 million pieces, representing each individual Jewish life lost in the Holocaust.

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