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“A Film Unfinished” Director’s Statement

URL: http://www.jewishjournal.com/opinion/article/a_film_unfinished_directors_statement_20100803

“A Film Unfinished first emerged out of my theoretical preoccupation with the notion of the "archive", and the unique nature of the witnessing it bears.” The Holocaust confronted humanity not only with inconceivable horrors, but also for the first time, with their systematic documentation. More than anything else, it is the photographic documentation of these horrors that has changed forever the way in which the past is archived. Atrocities committed by the Nazis were photographed more extensively than any evils, before or after. Yet since the war, these images, created by the perpetrators have been subjected to mistreatments: in the best of cases they were crudely used as illustrations of the many stories; in the worst, they were presented as straightforward historical truth.

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