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The Dams of Gaza

by Ariel Blumenthal

December 16, 2013 | 2:10 am

I still don’t understand the far left’s desire to create and promote an image of a devil-Israel. Is it simply libelistic antisemitism?

On Saturday, as the Middle-Eastern storm wound down, Occupy London posted on facebook (quoting the Palestinian news agency Ma’an) that “Israel has opened the dams making the flooding of Gaza worse”. The post, which attempted to launch a Twitter campaign demanding the BBC breaks the story about Israel’s recent evil deed, provoked quite a lot of irritated-to-angry inquiries as to which dams they’re referring to in the middle of the desert, but also brought a lot of automatic, poisonous haters crawling out for this bait.

The accusation, so enthusiastically endorsed by Occupy London, goes pretty much as close as possible to accusing the Jews of summoning the forces of nature for their foul plots - precisely an antisemitic libel. It’s regrettable that the Palestinian news agency is motivated by enmity and nationalism rather than by journalistic values; It’s alarming that Suzie Speirs from London thinks, as she clarified on the thread, that the reason this story has not shaken the entire humanity to its core is not because it may be un-true, but because “Israel owns the world press - and America.”

What a classic. 19th century Russian farmer’s words; 2013 Brit chick’s voice.

The reality, of course, is precisely opposite: Israel transferred water pumps to Gaza as well as other supplies during the flooding, while Ismail Haniyeh took a hero’s walk in the streets of Gaza, bragging that “We’ve been through 2 wars with Israel - we’ll get through this too.”

Why is Occupy London so invested in devising the Israeli monster? What is the political end or the moral logic behind the forced belief that Israel floods, poisons, plots, manipulates, controls, cleanses - you name it? It wouldn’t be beyond them to claim next that the 56 Sudanese asylum-seekers that simply took off from the “Holot” facility in southern Israel Sunday morning, to show up in downtown Be’er Sheva, actually fled a North-Korean-style gulag under hellish fire. Would a claim of that sort help the asylum-seekers? Did the dams story help anyone in Gaza?

Like an old-school model train builder, they’re busy piecing together, one libel at a time, a parallel world so far out of reality, so detached from the challenges facing anyone who'd like to see peace in the region, so counter to peace itself. This is not an exaggeration or amplification, but a complete, fantastic inversion.

Another participant in the thread brought the irony of this inversion home: "Israel didn't flood Gaza with sewage, it purifies and recycles most of its sewage for use in irrigating crops.”

80% of its waste water, to be exact, the highest percentage in the World, with 2nd place Spain hitting the 12% mark. This (and more) is lost to the Israel-hating left, lost in a dark ideological back-ally, trading their liberal values for some basic, primal hate for the Jews.


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