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Rockin On Your Dime

by Ariel Blumenthal

October 16, 2013 | 10:24 pm

Good morning Europeans.

Today the European Court reveals that €1.95 billion of European aid money delivered to the Palestinians in the past few years has been “lost”. With all the fiscal crises and austerity in your continent, how does it feel to lose €1.95 billion of your wealth to someone else’s corruption habit?

Aid money being “lost” is in fact not the worst outcome, as many cases of misused EU funds clearly illustrate. Your money ends up in surreal places, such as salaries paid to convicted terrorists or underwriting a TV quiz where Haifa and Jaffa are Palestinian cities waiting to be reclaimed. Hundreds of millions of Europeans believe that “Pro-Palestinian” = “Pro-peace”; Turns out that support for the Palestinians tends to fuel their most radical nationalistic aggressions, and that totally defeats the purpose.

Today, Europeans, may be a good day to examine the reasons for this transfer of wealth from the progressive European realm to a corrupt elite of Palestinian individuals. Good time to understand the nature of a bad deal forced upon you, Europeans, by blind political-correctness.

Good morning those who extend generous aid to Gaza.

Today it was revealed that the IDF has exposed a tunnel dug by Hamas under the border to facilitate attacks on Israeli civilians. 1.5km long, 20m under-ground, multiple exits, rail and little cars - the works. How does it feel this morning knowing that your money goes, directly or indirectly, towards realizing the extravagant visions of the finest terroristic minds?

The Gaza Strip persistently stars in the list of highest per-capita recipients of aid money, today is a good day to wonder what this fortune had ever achieved. There was never a desire to build or rebuild in Gaza, just to un-build, destroy and eliminate with holy rage. The most advanced greenhouses left behind by Israeli settlers in 2005 were gone within an hour of their departure; Internationally funded schools, hospitals and UN facilities are infested with weapon and ammunition handled by gangs of shady characters, in contrast to basic civilized conduct - Nothing is ever put to good use in Gaza.

Some of you, donors, share Hamas’ uncontrollable desire to hurt, kill and kidnap Jews, you may feel content about the tunnel. You, too, are accomplices to the hijack of the entire Gazan population for the sake of the manic desire to undo Israel, undo the Jews. This is not the first Arab population sentenced to miserable existence by its own brethren in order to satisfy this violent and sadistic obsession.

Good morning “Human rights activists”.

Can you see this morning what the problem may be with cement in Gaza? Some 800 tons of the stuff were used to construct the tunnel. Today is a good day to understand that seemingly innocent goods may be used for surprisingly guilty purposes, depending on the intent of the user. Yes, “Intent” - it’s a word. It’s a consideration. It’s a moral indicator. It’s everything.

Do you wonder what kind of human rights you’re promoting by helping to sustain Hamas’ destructive, loathsome rule, screaming Hamas’ victimhood from the decks of glorious flotillas, yearning for the Gaza shore as if it was the touch-down zone - just to shake Ismail Hanyia’s hand, just to offer him some words of encouragement.

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