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by Ariel Blumenthal

April 30, 2012 | 6:11 pm

Norwegian sociologist Johan Galtung detonates the most recent explosion in the relationship between European intellectuals and Israel / “The Jews”:

Ha’aretz broke today that the celebrated “Father of peace studies” linked between Anders Breivik, perpetrator of the massacre in Norway last summer and “The Jews”, based on Breivik’s ties to the “Freemasons” organization “which has Jewish origins”. He also made a connection between the terrorist and the Israeli “Mossad” - which Galtung believes might have given Breivik his orders. “It will be interesting to read the police report on Israel, during the trial” he said.

On another occasion Galtung had achieved an impressive temporary leap from left to radical right, basing his statement that “The Jews control worldwide communication” on the same article by white supremacist William Luther Pierce  that inspired Timothy McVeigh’s 1995 bombing.

So what does an American terrorist, killer of 168 people has in common with the founder of the international Peace Research Institute in Oslo? That’s right, Jewish control over the media.

The collection of explosive statements exposed originally on the Norwegian periodical “Humanist” and expanded upon through a followup correspondence between Galtung and “Ha’aretz” also includes a referral to the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”. Galtung, who had previously held an open forum discussion concerning the Protocols’ content, recommended “people with such strong opinions on the book” to read it. 

So what does an illiterate 19th century Russian peasant have in common with the contemporary international “trustworthy peace-broker”? You guessed it, “The Protocols of the Elders of Zions.”

The Scandinavian environment that is the backdrop to Galtung’s remarks is described by Swedish pro-Israel blogger Kim Milrell: “In Sweden Israel can never win. In the end in one way or another they manage to blame Israel. Whatever the story may be ... the writer always grasps the opportunity to trash Israel.” Milrell blames it on nothing less than “decades of anti-Israel propaganda that has slowly brainwashed the Swedish people.”

But Galtung’s bomb is different than those of previous detonators - most recently German poet Günter Gross - in that it’s mostly not anti-Israel. Among his many bashings, only the vague accusation of the Mossad in the massacre of dozens of children is attributed to Israel. The rest is brought to the doorstep of that amorphic entity called “The Jews”, which includes me, most likely you, as well as Jon Stewart, my wife, Noam Chomsky, the owner of the produce store I go to, Cleveland Cavaliers’ Omri Casspi, and as I learn, most of the owners of the media.

The explicit use of the most primitive, old-school anti-Semitic themes by prophets of Western progressiveness is a wondrous fit of ideological flexibility, bridging the otherwise insurmountable gaps between 19th century racism and contemporary peace-making; Between radicals and conservative fanatics. “The Jews” truly have the gift of bringing together complete opposites. It happened, memorably, when “Free Gaza” human rights activists joined forces with IHH martyrdom-hopeful Islamists: the righteous progressives and the righteous soldiers of Allah.

Are the frequent anti-Israel attacks anti-Semitic in nature? That’s a much debated question - I’ll let you be the judge of that. What’s certain is that the anti-Israel component, widely accepted as legitimate, many times displays the same senselessness as the pure unaccepted anti-Semitic one. Günter Grass endorsed a non-sensical inversion when claiming that Israel is the genocidal aggressor threatening the victim, Iran - a statement so utterly ignorant of actions, rhetorics, and ideologies in the region, and indicative of unacceptable level of analysis. Now comes Galtung, claiming that since “We know nothing about who is behind Breivik”, it’s only natural to blame the Mossad, or in other words: The Mossad should be guilty until proven not guilty in any act of violence around the world. It’s simply “The nature of research” he said.

And than came his anti-Semitic rant.

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