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To Thine Own Self Be True

by Rabbi Mark Borovitz

November 9, 2012 | 12:04 pm

The title of our Blog is Addicted to Redemption. To redeem means to buy back, to recover, to free from distress, etc. This week you have read blogs by different people associated with Beit T’Shuvah who have written about their experiences of being free from the distress of living false scripts. This is what I am addicted to: extricating myself and others from living inauthentic lives.

In looking at the election season, I am struck by the lies and inauthentic things people said in order to "win.” This is what we need to be redeemed from most of all, I believe. Whether it is a candidate for President of the United States of America, for the Senate, House of Representatives, Governor, Mayor, Judge, the head of another country, CEO, worker, father, mother, child, teacher, Rabbi, Priest, Imam, etc, we all have to stop trying to win!!

Our challenge as a person is to remember that we are all created for a purpose that no one else can fulfill. We don't have to "win" against anyone else. We have to fight the inner battle to detach ourselves from the distressing situation of living an inauthentic life.

How do we do this? By being in recovery from the need to compete—that need to "win" at cost to ourselves and others. Despite how long we have lived a life in opposition to who we truly are, we can redeem ourselves and live the life that God created us for. I know, I lived a false script and caused much damage and heartache to the people in my life for a long time. Through the support of others, God, and myself, I have been redeemed in these past 24 years. I have been rescued from many distressing situations by teachers, loved ones, myself, God, and Judaism.

Moses was not the last Redeemer. There are Redeemers in our lives today. Please God, let us hear their call, let them hear our call for help and let us all listen to the call of God and our own souls.

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