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Harmony in the Universe

by Beit T'shuvah

February 18, 2013 | 3:05 pm

By Yeshaia Blakeney

I woke up this morning thinking about creation.  There were several aspects to this thought.  One is the formation and creation of light and darkness.  The other is this idea of harmony.  I'll start with the second and move to the first.  What is so amazing, truly remarkable about the harmony of the universe, I would say, is the harmony of the universe itself.  The fact that the universe itself contains some order, some harmony, is a fact most take for granted on a daily basis.  It is so close to our existence, it is so embedded in the fabric of creation that it hides in plain sight.  Whether we perceive a lot or a little harmony in the world at any given time is not the point, if we own even the most infinitesimal bit of harmony in the world, it has infinite significance.   I look at this idea like this.  You see even the smallest, tiniest bit, of a true miracle, one tiny little true miracle at any point in all of the history of the Jews, means that there are miracles, the same holds true for harmony.

As remarkable or more remarkable, is that correspondingly our minds can perceive the order of the universe.  Human beings have the ability to align our thoughts with reality.  We also have the ability to check out completely, but that's a different story.  We can perceive and put our own consciousness in tune with the harmony of the universe.  We can do this on many levels.  We can do this in the world of true ideas; a true idea is an idea that simply corresponds to a truth in the world.  Of course there are deeper truths and more surface truths and more than one axis of truth but all truth nonetheless.  That’s only one level and the levels go on and on.  There are emotional truths, a truth of the heart and soul and I could discuss this for hours.  Just to make this point stick, let’s ask the question directly, what is truth? Truth is Harmony.   It is those things that ring true.  The deeper the truth the harder it is to perceive the harmony, the more work it takes to understand, to get in tune with.

Now I’d like to get into the formation of light and creation of darkness. If I Steer away from the literal and traditional interpretations and move further with some of the ideas we've started to discuss, the leap is clear.  It is human beings who form light in the darkness G-d created.  This takes some wrapping your head around.  The darkness is the material world, the deterministic machine that is our universe, every cog in its place, the cold dark universe.  Hashem burrows a tunnel from his non-material plane and pierces a hole in his cold dark universe in his world of things and shines an eternal light on it.  What is this light? It is consciousness.  It is corresponding harmony. When we open our eyes, our hearts, our spirit, G-d shines light through us.

It is our obligation as Jews to seek out the greater truths and harmonies of this world and shine light, more specifically be a light unto the nations, when we do this, when we discover this, there is no worthier purpose or path, and until we discover this for ourselves, we are not in our proper place. When we are not in our proper place the world can't find its song, so in this week may we all be on the road to discovering our place in the harmony of the universe as creators of light.

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