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Creatures of Responsibility and Obligation

by Beit T'shuvah

November 14, 2013 | 10:48 am

By Nicole Goodman

These past couple weeks my anxiety has been overwhelming. I haven’t been able to sleep well, stay present, or act normally. My mind starts to tell me that I am going back to how I was two years ago, before I got sober, and I should get on medication again. This is a decision a lot of people deal with now a days. There are a ton of people that have serious anxiety disorders and cannot function in society without medication, but what about the rest of us?  If I am completely honest with myself, I know that I am not one of those people with a serious anxiety disorder, yet I also know simply taking a Xanax will help me tremendously. 

Knowing that I, as sober women, cannot take Xanax, there has to be another route to take. What is anxiety? Where does it come from? How do we deal with it? For me, it’s not a disorder. I get anxiety when there is something I need to do, or haven’t done yet. My anxiety for the past two weeks has been devoted to school: applying to school, making sure deadlines are met, catching up on school work, etc. When I procrastinate, I get anxiety. So what does this really mean? I believe the world has created us to be creatures of responsibility and obligation. When we do something wrong, or delay on starting something important, our entire body feels different.

Without anxiety, we would have little consequences to our actions. Anxiety tells us we are doing something wrong, or we are doing nothing. Anxiety is the core being of motivation. Yes, it is an annoying part of the human being, yet there is a cure: ACTION. Anxiety is what keeps the world going. I believe taking Xanax for anxiety, when you honestly don’t have a serious condition, is giving God a slap on the face. So the next time you are debating going to the doctor for your anxiety, think about what it is you are putting off and how that will affect the world.

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