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A Poem for the Month

by Beit T'shuvah

March 4, 2013 | 12:25 pm

By Yeshaia Blakeney

This month has been full of loss.  I wrote this poem in response.

We dream of beginnings without endings, blessings without sorrow.  Life without time, a soft spiritual impression a divine secret dwelling in our hearts, a yearning for an eternity of returning to G-d.  And life feels it's opposite, temporal, sorrowful, anxious and mysterious, burying the eternal secret under layers of fossilized sediment.  We are in constant conflict, a battle being pitched on a razors edge between ultimate meaning, and complete absurdity.  Our knowledge ends at the beginning, at the birth of the universe in the realm of the created.  But what do we know of before the beginning?  The DNA of infinity plants its seed in our world of perpetual beginnings.  And what of endings you might ask.  We know nothing of them, we know only life and creation,  delineation between the is and the is not is the invention of creative imagination, and in reality there is no opposite to eternity, no opposite to oneness, only G-d, only creation, only expression.  The rhythms of beginnings and endings are harmonious movements in a song with no end and the crescendo is the accumulation of humanities hope for ultimate redemption.  Beginnings are echoes of significance, the bursting out of G-ds voice in reality the endings reminders, that there is much more.  Beginnings are that impossible uncontrolled laughter from a glimpse of too much truth, endings are endless tears because everything matters, (and it is too much to bare).  So we reach now... Tears at the endings for where we have been, laughter and hope for an unwritten new beginning.

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