Jewish Journal

David Peyman

  • It’s Time for L.A.’s Iranians to Flex National Political Muscle

    October 7, 2009 | 8:07 pm

    While Iranians spill their blood in the streets of Tehran and in the notorious Evin prison, many lucky enough to have fled to the United States are living the American dream. Iranian Americans have risen to the top of virtually every profession and industry, and they serve on school...

  • Sanctions only work if they are enforced

    February 7, 2008 | 7:00 pm

    In a recent report, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) challenged the impact of U.S. sanctions against Iran, noting Iran's ability to negotiate $20 billion in contracts with foreign firms since 2003 to develop its energy resources. The GAO correctly recognizes that "Iran's...