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The NBA Lockout—Pick A Side

Ilan Lakritz, contributor from The City of Los Angeles

November 15, 2011 | 12:39 am

As you have all probably heard (or purposefully ignored), NBA players rejected the owners’ latest offer. At this point, it is almost a certainty that David Stern will cancel the entire season as the players prepare to file an antitrust lawsuit against the NBA.

While this is unfortunate for many obvious reasons, the owners and David Stern’s incessant defamation and fabrication have reached new heights. How badly have their actions reflected on them? 

Well, players just announced that attorneys Jeffrey Kess and David Boies, who worked on OPPOSITE sides of NFL labor negotiations, will represent them in their class-action suit.  Kessler released the following statement to the Associated Press: “The fact that the two biggest legal adversaries in the NFL players dispute over the NFL lockout both agree that the NBA lockout is now illegal…speaks for itself.” 

Since the lockout was initiated 138 days ago, owners and players have tirelessly bombarded fans with continual image campaigns.  Owners have branded players uninformed, unorganized and greedy, while players have less assertively assumed the role of victim. 

These messages, tailored directly for the fans, aim to amass support in this ever-dividing issue.  In turn, it is up to the fans to determine the way we evaluate the aforementioned news. 

Regardless of your inclination, thousands of protestors occupying cities across the country should serve as a reminder to the value of self-determination.  While there are 30 less teams today than there were a year ago, there are still two sides very hungry for your support.  So be a fan, pick a side.

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